Capacitive Sensing Circuit

Material: Polyester sheet
Resolution: 1024*1024sdz
Transmittance: >79%
Certification: ISO9001:2015 /ROHS/SGS

Capacitive sensing circuit

Capacitive Sensing

A capacitor is simply two conductors with an insulator in between. This allows for a charge to be stored and then discharged. This also lets changes in its capacitance be sensed, such as a finger coming into contact with a copper pad. The capacitive sensing circuit also means the touch circuits, similar like a touch screen, but not used as the surface components. There you also can assembly the thicker plastic plate/glass upon the sensing circuit. The capacitive sensing circuit can have a very long life-time and also good a good transmittance.22

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Circuit Level:3.3-5V DC,35mA


Contact shaking time:<2ms


Surface hardness:3H~6H

Input:Conductive metal pen or finger

Life time:>2.25 billion

Operation temperature:-20℃ to 70℃

Storage temperature:-30℃ to 80℃

Material:Polyester sheet

Thickness:0.125mm, 0.25mm, 0.5mm

Comply with ROHS & REACH

The above product information is for reference only, we mostly provide customized production according to the design requirements of customers. The all raw material we choose are all meet the demand of the ROHS  and the REACH.

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