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Learn How Membrane Switches Are Built To Improve Your Application

The Option For The Membrane Switch

The Membrane switch used very often at the industrial manufacture, and in our life can see them very frequently. The membrane switches are the terminal control parts and also as the appearance decoration that used on the difference machines. For catch the different groups and improve the competitiveness, the now membrane switch design almost per the designer ideas, but not per the technology or the ready-made model. The manufacture of the membrane switch also more and more fierce competition, but only a few manufacture who know the advanced technology and can use that produce a advanced membrane switches. In general speaking, The most common types of membrane switch design are the following:

A. Standard Membrane switch

A standard membrane switch contain the keys function, the LEDs indication, the LCD windows design, the circuitry tail connector design, The metal domes design and etc., The standard membrane switch can catch the mostly request like the: Printing beautiful colors as the decoration, Molding embossing keys catch the stereoscopic visual and a better tactile feeling, Assembly difference colors SMT LEDs as the indication, Design connectors with the membrane circuit tails that match the PCBs. The stand membrane switch design and process is very easy, the cost also economy.

B. The LGF Membrane Switch

The LGF membrane switch means a back-lighting design, the back-lighting for the text or the patterns. For some of the membrane switch, they are request to use at the night time and where there no the lighting, then a LGF membrane switch design can help the user seeing the switch well.

The simply LGF switch design the illumination for the text or the patterns where no no the pressure keys. But the more complex LGF switch design is for the illumination keys, because there need to be sure a good illumination and also need to be sure a good tactile feeling at the keys. The LGF design switch normally is use the side fire LEDs, and use the LGF plate help the lighting spread longer distance and also homogeneous. The another LGF design is use the optical fibers as the LGF plate, and the LEDs is assembly at the PCBs. The another LGF switch design is not to use the LGF plate, but use the EL panel as the back-lighting. The customer allow to build the LGF switch per the actual using.

The side fire LEDs LGF switch:

The design is free, and it allow to choose the difference colors side fire LEDs that illumination the same area, it's good to design switch where have many area need to be illumination at the difference time. The such design is very practical and easy, there you don't need to design many extra components at the control PCBs then can catch the function.

The optical fibers LGF switch:

The design is better for illumination a big area where illumination the same lighting. The lighting LEDs is assembly is at the control PCBs, and a circuit tails can be design at the optical fiber which used for connect the PCBs LEDs. The optical fiber can spread the lighting a very long distance and also very homogeneous, there only need to design with 1X LEDs for 1X illumination areas. The optical fibers LGF switch is used more often at the medical machines.

The EL panel illumination switch:

The light source here is not from the LEDs, the EL Panel is as the light source here. The EL panel combine the membrane switch, then catch the illumination text & patterns. The EL Panel can design one lighting color at one position, and it's also allow to design the difference lighting colors at the difference area. The EL panel design is good for the switch which no enough space assembly the LEDs or the optical fibers, the lighting here design as close as possible to the switch outline borders and no the lighting spread out problems. It's also allow to design lighting the two difference nearby patterns where lighting the difference colors but prevent the lighting spread to each other's. The EL panel request a higher working voltage, and this not good for the control PCBs power design. The EL panel lifetime also not so long as the LEDs.

C. The embossing membrane switch.

The embossing process can help the switch have the stereoscopic visual and feeling, the embossing keys design can help user avoid the wrong  judgment while press the keys. The embossing design can be for the keys or for the patterns/text, even though for the blind spots.

But for the traditional embossing keys design, the GT-epoxy PU Domes also can as the embossing. The epoxy PU can be stick to the keys or the area that want to, the epoxy can have the soft kinds which can be auto repair, and it also can be the hard kinds. The epoxy is a clear kind raw material, it can help the membrane switch a more beautiful appearance and feeling high-grade.

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