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A piece of membrane can help you a lot when manipulating the panel.

Membrane switch is a widely used electronic switching device, commonly found in various electronic products. It is made of a layer of thin film material, with thin, soft, transparent and other characteristics. The main function of membrane switch is to control the on-off of the circuit through mechanical and electrical principles to achieve the switching operation of electronic equipment.

Membrane switch belongs to the high-precision products, it must have a high degree of transparency and also have a high degree of smoothness, as well as softness, for the circuit also has high requirements, which requires customers to choose the membrane switches manufacturer carefully, and get acknowledged with this field.

Foundation Industries is a reliable membrane switches manufacturer from China, now let us introduce membrane switch to buyers.

Manufacture process of membrane switch

    The steps to make a common membrane switch are as follows:

1. Put the screen-printed circuit into the oven baking test 40 minutes at 115 degrees Celsius.

2. After the circuit is baked, simply assemble a piece, test the circuit whether there are short circuits, circuit breakers, resistance is too large and other phenomena.

3. Paste the tail line.

4. Scribe the tail line.

5. make the sandwich.

6. Assemble the line.

7. paste the backing.

8. paste surface adhesive.

9. Punching: find a piece of waste panel pasted on the assembled line, 4 corner lines aligned with the transparent hole 4 weeks to expand 1. 5 mm stapled to the mounted line, knocked down with a suitable blade. When knocking, pay attention to whether there is no knock to the line.

10. paste the panel: test the panel on the line on the paste.

11. Tail line treatment: cut the tail line flat, without rivets on the back of the carbon paste add a layer of 0.125 single-sided adhesive PET, the need to play rivets on the panel face down on the rivets.

12. Forming: If there are through holes on the panel, we will find a suitable mould to knock it down and then form it. The mould will be formed when mass production.

13. Inspection: to see if there is any deviation in appearance and bad silkscreen.

14. Clean up the packaging and leave factory.

     All these steps require precision and high technology, which is exactly what we reliable membrane switch manufacturer can guarantee.

Application of membrane switch

Membrane switches are widely used in many fields.

Firstly, in electronic products, membrane switches are commonly used as switches to control power, volume, brightness and other functions, such as mobile phones, TVs, stereos and so on.

Secondly, in industrial equipment, membrane switches can be used to control the start and stop of machines, or as safety switches to ensure the safety of the working environment.

In addition, there are many applications for membrane switches in medical equipment, automotive electronics, aerospace and other fields, such as touch screens, instrument controls, instrument panels and so on.

Advantages of China Membrane Switch Manufacturers

Membrane switch is a thin, flexible and transparent electronic switching device, which realises the on-off of the circuit through mechanical and electrical principles. It has the advantages of thinness, flexibility, durability, low cost and so on.

China membrane switch manufacturers,such as we Foundation Industries ,strictly abide by the country's production standards, guarantee a qualified production environment, skilled workers and strict quality control processes to ensure that the best membrane switches are delivered to customers.

We always welcome enquiries from overseas buyers here in China!