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membrane switch

What is the membrane switch?

The membrane switch is build with many layers thinner flexible film and electric function interface, it's been used control electric circuit open or close that as the switch. The membrane switch have a big difference from the traditional mechanical switch, the membrane switch have the printing silver circuits process.

The membrane switch widely used at difference industry and difference environment. It's the famous products that replace the traditional mechanical switch. The advantage of the membrane switches contains: Thinner thickness, Various custom outline shape, Long life time, The electric function and the mechanical function and the graphic highly integration.

Foundation have over 15years experience in the business, our products been used over hundreds scenarios and applications, We provide the membrane switch solution timely and economy.

The construction of membrane switch

The standard membrane switch are build with many layers...

Graphic overlay

The graphic overlay is the top layer of the membrane switch, it's also the layer that end user can see and touch directly. The printing ink on the bottom of the transparent Polyester Or the Polycarbonate, the printing graphics match the bottom circuits. The embossing buttons, LED/LCD windows, location cutting holes and so on can be design together with the overlay.

  1. Overlay Adhesive

The graphic overlay layer and circuit layer use the pressure-sensitive adhesive(PSA) stick together, the PSA with double side glue, and the more higher force pressure, the better stick, the more longer time, the better stick.

Dome retainer/Top circuits

The top circuit printing the conductive silver inks, which can have the electric function. If need a better tactile feeling of the keys button, the metal domes design can be used. The top circuits or the metal domes is used as circuit closed after the press, and circuit open while release. The layer here help hold one the metal domes.

Spacer adhesive 

The spacer adhesive also build with the pressure-sensitive adhesive, and have the cutting holes at the keys position where need to assembly the metal domes. The spacer adhesive also can help prevent the top circuit connect the bottom circuit. The top circuit and bottom circuit can be closed only while the top circuit touch the bottom circuit.

  1. Bottom circuits

The bottom circuits is similar like the top circuits, it's also produce with the conductive ink printing on the polyester top, The silver ink , the carbon ink and electric insulation ink is the printing inks.

Rear adhesive

The rear adhesive also the PSA, it's the double side glue, the top face stick the membrane bottom circuits, and bottom face stick to the end terminal enclosure. The end terminal enclosure can be the plastic, can be the metal, can be the glass and etc.,

The characteristic of membrane switch

We are the expert who design and build the membrane switch, we can design your products that add the below characteristic´╝Ü

  1. With knurling/embossing/convex and tactile feeling
  2. With SMT components on the switch, Fox example: The lighting LEDs, the SMT sensors
  3. With custom colors process on the graphic overlay, with anti-glare windows process, with hidden windows or font process.
  4. Water proof (NEMA4) design and Chemical/scratch resistant coating.
  5. The Light Guide Film(LGF) design for the text or the patterns. The LGF design means a backing lighting design, it can help the user see and control the switch very well at a dark environment. The LGF increase product identification.
  6. Design a various control function and connection.
  7. Flexible and easy assembly, the membrane can be used a flat or a slight bend surface, The PSA design can ensure a permanent assembly.

The advance of membrane switch

  1. The seamless surface- The membrane switch is very easy to clean, and the water or other's dirty hard come into the membrane switch.

  1. Thin kind - The thickness of the membrane switch is much thinner than the traditional mechanical switch, The thickness of membrane switch only around 0.04inches but with a good keys tactile feeling.
  2. Simply connection - The various electric design and connection means reduce the assembly time and improve the durability.
  3. Economy cost - Foundation design and produce over thousands membrane switches, we have enough experience that design a stability products but cost economy.
  4. Flexible custom - Foundation know the enough technology and experienced in design the membrane switch, and we can help yours save cost from the source.